1. Good Bike Light

A quality bike light should be one of the first things on your bike shopping list. besides the obvious that you need it when cycling at night, as your visibility is poor, both for you and the other traffic vehicles near you. Other than that in some countries you could get a pretty big fine if you do not have your light in place. Lights are therefore a necessity for your and other people's safety, all year round, and not only in the dark periods, such as winter. 

Danish Innovator Reelight has a perfect solution. Besides the fact that these bike lights look amazing, their main solution is based on dynamo power, meaning the light is powered by a magnetic force created when you are cycling. This allows you to have a constant light on whenever you are biking and reveals you for a worry of turning the light on and off. This type of light is an amazing permanent solution, as once you buy them you don't have to worry about buying new batteries or new light altogether ever again.

Additionally, the lights are permanently mounted on your bike meaning, you don’t have to worry about potential thefts or forgetting your light on those crazy days. 

Source: Reelight, Nova
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2. Rainwear

If you are just starting or already a pro biker you know the struggles when the weather changes and before you know it starts raining.

On those occasions, it is crucial to have a good water-resistant jacket that will keep you dry, as well as keep the wind and chills out.

We would recommend looking at Cleverhood. These smart rainwear innovators are solving all the small inconveniences that are happening on the way by cycling through the rain. 

One of their classic designs is reflective all over the product providing you with visibility. In addition their product allows you to adjust the hood, and cover your whole bike and arms while driving.

It is made from recycled polyester fabric, which is very light, waterproof and breathable.

Smart Bike Rainwear

Source: Cleverhood Smart Rainwear

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3. Helmet

This should be a no brainer for your bike equipment, as it can protect you from a potential terrible accident.  In many countries you will most likely get a fine if you do not wear it. For day to day commuting nothing fancy is really necessary, so a basic one you find at the store is good. 


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4. Bike Lock 

One way or another you will need to leave your bike unattended. Bike theft is very common especially in countries that are known for having a lot of bikes such as Denmark. According to Statistics Denmark more than 20,000 bicycle thefts were reported in 2016, so a good bike lock is to be considered. Some more advanced bike locks can even send updates on your phone regarding your bike.

Bike Chain Lock with a Code

Source and explore more:Chain Lock with a code-black, by


5. Bike Pump

There is nothing worse than wanting to go somewhere and then realizing at the last minute you have a flat tire. Bike pubs are not so expensive and very useful. You have 3 basic types that you can choose based on your preference.

Mini pump: The main benefit is that it is so small that you can take it with you everywhere you go. These are great as a temporary solution, as it won't give you much more than getting you to your destination. 

Floor pump: This is you stay at home pump, and it gives you the best result, especially when you are completely flat

CO2 Inflator: This isn’t actually a pump per say, as it contains compressed gas. It is also portable and lightweight like most mini pumps, but also it works within minutes which gives much faster results, but the biggest con is that it is one use only. People prefer these much more for races than for normal commuting.

Pocket Mini Bike PumpFloor Bike Pump

Source and explore more (left mini pump): Pocket Bike Mini Pump, by Bikester

Source and explore more (right floor pump): Floor Pump, by Bikester